We live in interesting times. Does this concern or excite you? At iConnect21 we are excited! We are not even a quarter of the way through the 21st century and we are experiencing new technologies every 6 months. The truth is that most of this technology can drastically improve the day-to-day business of big corporations, medium size companies and all the way down to the local traders and services. We already use these innovations in our personal lives yet somehow there is a big gap between our personal and business lives. Is it because of our business beliefs regarding money (it will be expensive), time (it will take too long) or people (I don’t have enough people or they’re not willing to change)?

At iConnect21, we see problems of all sizes as opportunities that can be solved by technology solutions.

Business Innovations Implementation: going beyond implementation expectations means we take on the challenge of rethinking familiar business processes and procedures.

We seek out pain points, unnecessary expenses and time consuming activities then present to you the latest and best technology options and business model innovations. To further upgrade your business we use change and business management tactics to improve workflow processes and people’s performance.

Pain points have a high impact on business performance and sales figures. Can we use the latest technology to alter stock management which will remodel replenishment and distribution? How can improved replenishment and distribution impact the other pain points regarding demand forecast, manufacturing planning and online sales?

Unique technology and non conformist approaches to expenses. We will help you redefine your expenses. We love blazing new trails. Can we use cutting edge technology for the Annual General Meeting? Instead of paying travel and accommodation expenses, we teach you how to use innovations to hold meetings, take votes, and improve communication with offices around the world, reducing stress and saving everyone time and money!

Time consuming activities as manually organized processes or no visibility on main workflow:
It takes repeating something 30-40 times to create a habit and it can take even longer to change it. At iConnect21, we believe managers need to analyse the manual processes and those with no visibility once a year; then split them into 3 groups: lack of training, lack of communication and technical constraint. The first 2 are fairly easy to solve. We want to challenge you on the third one: technical constraint. So what’s holding you back? Is it your belief that new technologies will be too expensive to invest in or that you lack the time to investigate them further? If we don’t already have a solution for you, we’ll do the research and provide you with several excellent options to choose from. We realize that no one out there is willing to risk spending big money for innovations so we always try to find a balance between initial investment, business impact and return on investment.

Short implementation cycles:
We prefer to work with instinctive innovations which require short implementation cycles, minimal staff involvement (meaning only the new workflow process needs explaining, no training is needed on how to use the technology itself) and a reasonable price with good ROI.
With all that said, we still remain flexible and responsive to your needs, we help our clients to seamlessly integrate the innovation solutions with their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in order to complete the automation of the process. This extends the project and might impact the organizational chart, business processes, procedures and interfaces.

Partnering with innovation solution providers to create new generations or new product lines as per market needs

We work with a wide range of industries on a daily basis and while we see the problems they are dealing with and their solutions, we are always looking for and open to evolving markets and new products. We ask questions like does the product already exist; can we merge two existing products or can we create something unique and new, yet familiar and easy to use? Basically, we are not interested in producing new products by ourselves, we prefer instead to seek out and create partnerships that can turn these visions into a reality. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and use our extensive project management skills to take things to the next level!

Partnering with business software providers to embed innovations into their software

In the ideal world ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ) software is on one platform and all CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Financial Management, Document Control, Supply Chain, HR, Manufacturing, etc. business processes are all embedded on this platform. The question is where and how do the innovations in each of these business areas fit onto this platform? At the moment, every company is working on their own solution and interface. iConnect21 creates and builds the bridge between business software providers and innovation providers to accomplish a complete enterprise vision.

Managing foreseeable risk

With innovation comes risk and we at iConnect21 both recognize and welcome risk. However rather then taking market risk we prefer technological risks. We prefer to identify, manage and then remove (where possible) all business and technology risks from the start. Getting a clear overview and understanding of all perceived risks along with implementing a solid plan for removing those risks in the most cost effective way is essential for innovation implementation.

We use our own experience, previous case studies, and other companie’s experience to identify and minimize key risks early on. We follow a broad range of technology and innovations companies, analyzing their products, features, price ranges and clients.