Anders Askevold is giving us a tour around the GS1 Norway Smart centre to demonstrate innovative prototypes of:

  • interactive walls for show room presentations
  • supply chain system for RFID automatic data capturing (for stock entry in Distribution Centres, inspections, customs, etc.)
  • interactive room with prototypes of 2 apparel stores
  • stock take based on RFID technology (check out the speed of counting!, deviation report and how to search for unread items)
  • demonstration of EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance system) based on RFID technology
  • how the Purchase Order system can now be used by your retail clients
  • use of cell phone to scan bar codes, and read product information and security Q&A
  • smart dressing room with a mirror that turns into a screen so you can ask staff to bring you another size without leaving the changing room, check product availability in this or other shops, check for matching products for your selected items and many more

31 August 2016, Oslo, Norway