Our philosophy

What we work on

We live in interesting times. Does this concern or excite you? At iConnect21 we are excited! We are not even a quarter of the way through the 21st century and we are experiencing new technologies every 6 months.
The truth is that most of this technology can drastically improve the day-to-day business of big corporations, medium size companies, and all the way down to the local traders and services. We already use these innovations in our personal lives yet somehow there is a big gap between our personal and business lives.

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How we work

We are in the consulting business. We are implementing for the end business, to embed into software or to create new innovation.
We impact technology, people and business processes.
Our objective is to provide you with a new perspective and an actionable plan to achieve success. When you implement innovations we manage your transformation from beginning to end. We mitigate the risks and report back to you the progress.

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Our partners

CMC partnership

CMC Partnership is first and foremost a leading provider of specialist Change Management Training and Consultancy…


Gordon Dadds

Gordon Dadds is the legal and professional services firm of choice for ambitious individuals and organisations.


TA partners

TA Partners provides comprehensive and professional accountancy, tax and business adviser services.